Paul Hawkins’ Story

Facing a life-changing set of circumstances

Paul Hawkins
Paul Hawkins was a seemingly healthy 56-year-old. He certainly didn’t consider himself at risk of a heart attack. Until his heart stopped beating three times while in the emergency room. Paul’s family was in shock, afraid that he might not make it. But the cardiovascular specialists at Baptist knew exactly what to do. 

Doctors performed triple bypass surgery to return Paul to health. He went home just days later wearing a LifeVest – an external defibrillator device. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Paul’s LifeVest had to revive him when he had yet another heart attack. Rushed again to Baptist, Paul’s team of physicians implanted an internal defibrillator for life-long protection from sudden cardiac arrest. 

"What can I say, the folks at Baptist saved my life several times,” said Paul. “I am so grateful to everyone there. They were so good to my family and me, and you can genuinely feel their dedication to the Christian values that are at the core of Baptist’s mission.”

For decades, with innovation after innovation, Baptist Health Systems has stood as a respected and experienced leader in cardiovascular care. To continue serving as a pioneer in our community, we plan to invest in new, highly-sophisticated imaging equipment for our Cardiovascular Catheterization Lab. Using the latest digital technology, this advanced diagnostic equipment will offer superior image processing in real-time, providing quicker, more accurate diagnoses.

Your contribution to Baptist Health Foundation today will enhance our ability to diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases tomorrow.

Paul Hawkins didn’t know that he’d need Baptist’s level of cardiovascular care, until he did. One day, perhaps you – or someone you love – may benefit from Baptist being on the "leading edge." Your contribution can help ensure we remain there.