Sherry Palmer’s Story

Blessings upon blessings.

Sherry Palmer

Sherry Palmer had been self-employed with her commercial and residential cleaning service for more than 20 years until the pandemic in 2020, when her business, like so many others, came to a halt. Around that time, her doctor recommended she get a mammogram. The Vicksburg native decided to take advantage of Baptist’s mobile mammography van that traveled to her city twice a month. 

"I was really glad I could get the mammogram right here in my hometown," Sherry said. "It was so convenient.”

Following her mammogram, Sherry received a phone call telling her she needed to go to Baptist's Breast Health Center in Jackson for another mammogram.

"I was concerned about why I needed a second one and about the cost,” said Sherry. “When the radiologist came in to discuss his concerns with my second mammogram and the subsequent sonogram, my head was spinning. I remember saying, 'I can't have breast cancer; I can't afford to have breast cancer!’” I wondered 'how am I going to pay for all this?'

She met with her surgeon, Dr. Nathan Maples, who further explained her diagnosis and ordered a biopsy. During my biopsy, all Sherry could think about was how she was going to afford all this care without the income from her business. But she knew was in the right place to get the care she needed, and that somehow she was going to the help she needed too.

“While getting my biopsy, the tech held my hand the entire time,” said Sherry. “As a breast cancer survivor herself, she prayed with me and for me.”

Shortly after her diagnosis, Sherry was assigned a nurse navigator, and she suddenly realized her prayers had been answered.

“My nurse navigator, Adrienne Russell, was, and still is, my rock through this unbelievable journey,” said Sherry.

Aware of Sherry’s financial worries, the nurse navigator told Sherry about a unique program at Baptist called fund for the girls which assists uninsured and underinsured breast cancer patients. She immediately applied for help. It wasn’t long before Sherry got the good news.

"I remember getting my letter of acceptance and crying tears of relief,” she said. “The financial burden had been lifted!"

Sherry’s biopsy results weren’t such good news, however, as they revealed she had invasive breast cancer. She recalls getting that phone call from Dr. Maples and his nurse, and how they cried with her.

“We were all so emotional during that phone call,” she said. “He explained my surgical options, and, as a team, we came up with a plan.”

And that plan included not just a treatment plan, but also a way that would allow Sherry to afford the care she needed.

"It has been a tough journey, but having an exceptional team made it so doable. They all became my family,” said Sherry. “I'm doing well and continue to see my cancer care team for follow-ups. I'm so thankful to get a chance to see my grandchildren grow up and to pursue my new business endeavor.”

"Everyone at Baptist was amazing from the first day on the mammography van to my aftercare today,” she went on. “I am so grateful fund for the girls was there for me. No one should have to worry about the cost of breast cancer during treatment. They should have all their focus on rest and recovery. Baptist allowed me that blessing!"

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