Baptist HealthTeacher

Educators Find Immense Value in Classroom Health Resources

MBHS-Foundation-Stories-Gifts-in-Action-Baptist-Health-TeacherBaptist HealthTeacher is a dynamic and interactive online health curriculum for K-12 teachers full of comprehensive resources to teach children healthy habits and life skills. It addresses top health issues identified by today’s teachers including bullying, nutrition, social/emotional health, physical activity, sexual behavior, and alcohol and other drug abuse.

“Baptist HealthTeacher and GoNoodle are amazing, and we look forward to using them every day,” says Kimberly Bell, a first-grade teacher at Midtown Jackson’s Brown Elementary School. Kimberly is one of the many teachers across an 18-county region using these important and inspiring programs provided by the Baptist Health Foundation.

“I think any teacher or counselor will tell you that bullying is a big issue in our schools now,” says Kevin Bailey, a counselor at McLeod Elementary in Jackson. “HealthTeacher addresses this with fun and interactive games. Through role-playing, kids really start to understand how to be an ‘upstander’ instead of a ‘bystander’ when it comes to bullying. Not only is it an effective tool, the kids enjoy it.”

Sharon Rainey, a first-grade teacher at McLeod, adds “HealthTeacher is easy to blend with other lessons so the kids learn about exercise and nutrition without even realizing we are teaching important life skills and decision-making!”

GoNoodle, a component of Baptist HealthTeacher, offers physical activity games by providing “brain breaks” of quick five-minute sessions designed to encourage student engagement and focus.

“There are a variety of fun activities to choose from, like races and dancing,” Kimberly Bell says. “And then students cool down with deep-breathing and stretching games. GoNoodle recharges students in the middle of the day when boredom and fatigue may be issues. In fact, it is so much fun, I would say many students prefer GoNoodle to PE.”

The Baptist Health Foundation is pleased to provide teachers quick and simple-to-use programs and games that address many of the social, physical and mental issues students face in today’s school environment. Sharon Rainey appreciates the positive difference made through such high levels of engagement among teachers and students.

“HealthTeacher and GoNoodle are truly amazing,” she says. “As long as these wonderful platforms are made available, I will use them on a daily basis. The results speak for themselves.”

Your support of the Baptist Health Foundation can help ensure our support of programs like these continues to make a significant difference in the lives of Mississippians.